Barbecued Vegetables

Well prepared barbecue meat is what drives us to the barbecue. However meat is not a full meal. And have even heard rumors of people not even eating meat. So when needing a side dish or to drive to your vegetarians friends to your barbecue party BBQ vegetables is your savior. Barbecuing vegetables taste great and takes a fraction of the time to meat. You will find your meal complete with a helping of barbecued veggies.

Without a doubt the most barbecued vegetable in the U.S is the bell pepper. This pepper provides a colorful add on to any meal. Bell peppers seem to have a natural relationship with the BBQ considering that there skin absorbs the smoke and provides it with an almost meaty texture. You may end up tasting your smoke more in the bell pepper than in any barbecued meat you served that day. Toss a variety of colors of bell peppers with a garlic clove or two and you’ll have a perfect side dish for any south western dish.

Corn is another barbecue favorite and for good reason. The intense heat of the grill caramelizes the plant sugars making the sweetest corn you’ve tasted. You’ll notice a sweet outer shell with a cool smoky after taste. Note however that cooking corn with the husks on will increase cooking time much longer than expected. This will lock in more of the smoke flavor though. Serve with butter, beans and pork cut and you will be good to go.

Just like cooking meat it is easy to get right if you start with quality produce. Make sure you’re vegetables are fresh. Things to look out for are dry and wrinkled skin and a general look of a dehydrated veggie. . Avoid these characteristics and you will be on the road to a delicious quickly prepared side dish.

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