BBQ Ideas For An Unusually Refreshing Drink

Everyone puts so much emphasis on the food during a BBQ, but who really thinks about making the drinks special as well?

Lets do more than just the usual soda and punch. Lets make something truly unique that your guests will love.

Tropical Shake:

Nothing goes better with a hot BBQ than a cold drink. This one is one of the greatest BBQ ideas for drinks there is. It'll keep you cool, satisfy your taste buds, and it won't get you drunk! Unless of course you choose to spike it. Here is how you make it.

You Need:

• ¾ a cup of Cream Coconut (You can pick this up at any grocery store. Make sure you are getting the cream and not the shredded coconut.)
• 1/3 a cup of crushed pineapple. You can use the kind in the can. Just make sure that you drain it.
• 2 cups of ice cold milk
• A few pinches of sugar (This makes it extra sweet)
• A couple drops of vanilla

Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend for a few minutes. Make sure that all of the ingredients have blended well. This will serve 2 to 4 people.

For a really cute look, place in tall pilsner glasses and put a sprig of fresh mint on top. You could even try those tropical little umbrellas to put in the drinks.

This is one of those ingenious BBQ ideas that will have you going back to the blender for more! Make sure you make a lot of it because it will go fast!

Follow these great BBQ ideas to make sure that your friends and family have a really great and unusually refreshing drink to go along with great food. Make your BBQ one everyone will be talking about.

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