Cooking Without Fat

Many people, these days, are looking for ways of cooking without fat. In some cases, it is all about the reports that they hear on the news: problems with obesity, problems with high cholesterol. In other cases, the reasons are more personal - those people just want to feel better about what they are eating and about the ways that they are taking care of themselves.

Regardless of the reasons why people are looking for ways of cooking without fat, the cookware that they choose can make all the difference.

For example, many people understand that baking provides a way of cooking without fat. In some cases though, while baking is a lower fat alternative to frying, baking seems to take away from the flavor of favorite foods. An option - provided you have the right cookware - is pan searing without the oils.

Without the right cookware oil is still necessary. With the right cookware - such as Swiss Diamond coated nonstick cookware - however, you will find that cooking without oils does not mean that fish, poultry or other meats stick to the pan.

Another way of cooking without fat is to cook by braising in order to avoid the use of oils. Those who choose to cook in this way opt to use a liquid based marinade, something that has water or non-fat milk as a base. When the time comes to prepare these foods, without the right cookware, they would still need to add oil to the pan; for those looking for ways of cooking without fat, the solution is clear: diamond coated nonstick cookware will allow them to prepare these foods without losing flavor and without adding fat.

In traditional cookware, adding fats and oils is a necessity. Without them, preparing meals was likely to be challenging at best and frustrating at worst. In traditional cookware, adding fats and oils was necessary in order to prevent a meal being ruined when the dish stuck to the pan and serving became nearly impossible.

However, with diamond coated non-stick cookware, it is possible to prepare a wide variety of dishes without any added fats and oils. With diamond coated nonstick cookware, it is possible to prepare foods that are notorious for sticking - milk, herbs, marinades - without concern; it makes cooking without fat simple.

Similarly, in traditional cooking, fats and oils have been used to add flavor. With the right cookware, cooking without fat does not need to mean cooking without flavor. Herbs, sauces and spices can all be used without the risk that they will merely bond to the pan.

As a result, cooking without fat no longer means that there needs to be a struggle to clean up after the meal. Just as the foods that you prepare in diamond coated nonstick cookware do not back onto to surface of the pan, neither do the herbs and seasonings that you use; and that makes clean up easy.

The cookware that you choose affects the way that you look at preparing the food that you eat. When cooking without the fat and cleaning up afterwards are simple processes, changing the way that you eat - choosing a healthier way of eating - becomes much easier as well.

See for yourself the difference that the right cookware makes when it comes to cooking without fat. Learn more about diamond coated nonstick cookware.

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