Next Generation Non Stick Cookware

Many housewives and even professional cooks are constantly looking for cookware, particularly non-stick types, that are of high quality and safe to use. They get tired of continually throwing away their frying pans and cookware when the non-stick coating isn't holding up any longer. They've often wondered where they could find some fry pans that would last more than a few months of heavy cooking, with the benefit of being extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Most non-stick pans contain chemicals that are considered dangerous. Omitting the scientific names here, these are commonly known as PFOA, PFOS and APFO. These harmful chemicals can be released as the cookware's surface becomes compromised, particularly with high heat conditions. With these scares regarding toxins released from traditional non-stick surfaces, people want to find another solution - something they can rely on; something they know is safe for them and their family.

Finding a no stick pan from a health-conscious company can be difficult. Developing, testing, and bringing to market a health safe pan could take as long as twenty years. Satisfying consumers that your health safe non stick pan's standards and performance far outweigh any others on the market is an even more difficult challenge for any company.

New specialized coatings used on next generation non-stick pans are proving to be just such a solution. Refinements in cookware surfacing used by select manufactures are allowing for the creation of new and exciting health safe no stick cookware. Unmatched quality and safety guarantees no toxins are endangering you or yours, and that it is time to bring non stick surfaces back into the kitchen.

Specialized coatings allow manufacturers to stabilize the surface of the pan so as to make it harder (harder than first generation non-stick cookware). These amazing coating systems are free of flame-retardants and strengthen the non-porous aspect of the surface.

As an added benefit, heat distribution for this type of cookware occurs evenly over the entire cooking pan, thus heating food properly. Many can also be used in the oven, as they are oven-safe up to 500 degrees F with oven-proof handles and a safe ceramic cooking surface.

Finally, advanced cooking surfaces allow for the use of less or even no oils. With no more oils or fats in your cooking and a pan with a completely non-stick surface that cleans up spotlessly and with ease, the health benefits just keep coming. These next generation pans can take whatever you can dish out.

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