The Dangers of Vision Cookware

Vision cookware, also known as vision ware or corning vision cookware, has been an immensely popular item over the last several decades, and is seen as both collectible because of its pleasing appearance, and a great dish to use because of how easy it is to clean. They are so named because most are made with glass, hence the clear vision. While these dishes are widely admired, and still widely used, there are some very severe concerns as to the safety of using these dishes. While some people choose to ignore the possible threat (and granted, it is a small, but very serious, possibility), others refuse to use them anymore to be on the safe side. The choice is yours, but be careful.

The problem with this cookware is that it has a chance of shattering or exploding, even when it is not overheating or being misused. While the actual chance of this happening is a very small percentage, many people have been mildly, or even severely, injured because of it exploding. While less than 1% of it may actually have a defect that causes this to happen, it has happened often enough that the original manufacturer, Corning, refuses to sell it directly anymore. While some may discount this as having the sound of an urban legend, don't dismiss these stories. An online search quickly reveals Federal reports numbering in the hundreds to even thousands about various instances where the cookware cracked, or even seemed to explode.

For this reason, if you have vision cookware that is scratched, chipped, cracked, or appears damaged in any way, you should strongly consider not using it and throwing it away. What is strange is that the damage can be done hours earlier before it actually shatters. While the exact reasoning for why it is susceptible to this type of damage isn't completely understood, tests seem to indicate that the heating and cooling, heating and cooling, heating and cooling and that repetition can over time, along with, bumps, drops, whatever else, all add to stress that actually accumulates within the dish itself. At some point in some pieces the stress exceeds the strength of the glass, and the cookware shatters. This can happen while it is being used, or it can suddenly "explode" when it is sitting in a dish dryer.

This is a rare occurrence. Some people have used vision cookware for over twenty years and have never had a single incident. This may even be a more likely scenario than one in which you get injured because it shatters, but both happen. The main problem tends to be in the pots and pans since they take the most direct heat.

If you decide to ignore the dangers and use vision cookware, take all the proper precautions. Don't put a hot dish on a cold wet towel, be careful on using damaged pieces, and keep kids away from those dishes to be safe.

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