Cooking For A Big Family

Being tasked with doing all of the cooking for a big family will mean that someone will have to spend a great deal of their personal time in the kitchen. Big families eat just the same as small families and generally require that three meals to be prepared during the course of a day. The cooks will try their best to prepare tasty meals but they may get to the point where they feel that they do not have time for anything else in their life.

The cooks might feel that preparing meals for a large family means that they must get up earlier than anyone else to prepare enough food for the household to eat at breakfast. The menu for these meals will vary and many people will have certain favorites that they like to enjoy on a day-to-day basis. Large families will generally be quite cost conscious about the meals that are served and will limit the extras to a very special assortment of items that can be consumed at different hours.

The large families have a right to feel the need for caution on food expenses. A typical breakfast for a large family might require that the cook prepares a pound or more of bacon per meal. This is one entry to the breakfast meal hour and typically the cook will prepare eggs made to order and enough biscuits so that each person in the house is assured of receiving more than one.

When cooking for a big family, the cook is also tasked with getting the kitchen ready for the next meal. This will require some deep cleaning and mopping and removing things from the freezer to thaw to ensure that everything is ready to go when they reenter the kitchen to cook again for lunch, and then for dinner. Many cooks make sure that lunch is a light affair and will generally prepare some sandwiches and drinks for everyone to enjoy with some chips on the side for variety.

Even when small lunches are served and the cook has not had to do any real cooking, the kitchen cleaning duties still have to be done. The cook will take out things for dinner so that they will be ready to go when it is time to cook again, which for a large family should be around 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. There is always extra time added if there are things that need to be slicked or diced.

Cooking for a large family can get very laborious at times and the cook might ask for help with taking the trash outside and such. When cooking for a large family a cook always has to plan because coming up short on any of the items in the meal might mean the difference between people being fed or someone going hungry. When the clean-up is accomplished after dinner is through, the cook will probably sit down and design a menu for the next day.

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