Discovering the Joy of Cooking

Should chefs or any related profession be the only one to appreciate the joy of cooking? This hardly seems the case because from the earliest periods man has since discovered the joy of cooking. The history of cooking is very rich and colorful. This activity has evolved several times and in this article, you will know how.

Before fire was discovered by man, human beings used to eat their food raw and fresh from a catch. Over time, they have learned which food can be eaten raw without any undesired effects to the body. Aside from seafood, they have learned that fruits, vegetables and insects can be eaten raw.

When fire was discovered, the joy of cooking started to spark among the hearts of men. Many tried to experiment cooking different foods directly over the fire since pottery wasn't available then. They either cooked the food directly over the fire or they wrapped and steamed them over embers.

If you think that was creative, just imagine how creative man got upon the arrival of pottery. The joy of cooking became even more sophisticated. Different pots were made to cater to different types of cooking. Man also discovered that food cooked in several different ways, tasted differently too.

Over time, the joy of cooking became an art form, so much so that it became a profession and named it Culinary Arts. Many individuals have sought to study this profession, studied the art of cooking and came up with its different forms.

When pottery came into the picture, man was brought to heaven. Man started to discover how you can alter the taste and texture of certain foods when exposed to different cooking mechanism. The great taste, the rich flavor, and the amazing texture strengthened man's joy of cooking and making it into a profession.

The Culinary Arts has identified two types of cooking and five forms of cooking food with the use of heat. All these were studied for the love of cooking and for the goal of improving and perfecting the art.

It is no wonder that many can't resist food. Cooking is perhaps one of the oldest studied and perfected art form. The joy of cooking lies in every single person which can either be the love for cooking or the love of appreciating the result of cooking.

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