Make Occasions Memorable

Hectic professional workloads, demanding children, tight schedules, tighter budgets, consuming household chores through the week and weekends gone in a flash in a blur of work piled up over the week.

With today’s fast and fervid lifestyles, the amount of personal time that couples, especially married couples get has drastically reduced. This has affected the quality of marriages and creates a rift in relationships leading to increase in divorces.

One great way to keep the freshness in your marriage intact is to make important occasions special. Be it a birthday or an anniversary; take pains to plan it perfectly. These 3 or 4 days in a year can provide the much needed relief to the yearlong monotony.

There are a few things to keep in mind while planning your special days.

Choose the right place- Choosing the right place can provide a great setting for a memorable day or evening ahead. If you can afford to take a day away from work and home, plan the day out at a resort. Make sure that the resort has facilities that both of you enjoy such as a swimming pool if you like to swim and a spa if you love to be pampered.

This way you can spend the entire day with each other doing things that you love together. If you can make time only in the evening then choose a restaurant that is quiet or plays very soft music, can provide you with a cozy corner, doesn’t rush you through you meal and where the table help don’t hover about you and deprives you of privacy. The ambience is very important to set the tone for the day or evening ahead.

Keep cuisine in mind- Don’t experiment on a day that you want everything to be perfect. It’s very important that your spouse enjoys his/her meal. It’s also a very special feeling to realize that your better half knows your food preferences perfectly. Also keep current situations in mind. For example: if your wife is on a diet, taking her to a place that serves large portions is not a very bright idea. She will either restrict herself and feel miserable or give in to craving, be consumed by guilt later and hold you responsible.

Friends & Family- If you don’t get to spend time together normally then it’s better to keep special occasions to a cozy twosome. This gives you more quality time together. The more the merrier is true but it also means more time socializing with guests and less time with each other. Every couple needs time alone to improve the quality of their relationship and these occasions provide with a great excuse.

Choosing a good restaurant with the right cuisine can be a tough job if you want to steer clear of the regular haunts. Asking people for references is a good idea but even better is looking up the internet for some restaurant guide, which provide location and cuisine specific exhaustive lists along with numerous reviews on each restaurant.

Some restaurant search engines also provide the option of reserving tables and selecting the menu online which saves a lot of time and also gives you a chance to show your spouse how well you know them. You can also get an idea of how it’s going to affect your wallet, if you are on a budget. BooRah is a great restaurant search engine that gives you reviews, ratings, restaurant reservations, menus and discounts in restaurants across various metros in the US.

So, go ahead, plan right and get the fizz back in your relationship.

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