The Use Of Herbs And Spice

Throughout history, the use of herbs and spice has given flavor and instant recognition to a myriad of cuisines in a host of different cultures. Before there was convenience food; before there were restaurants; before there were even recipes; there were herbs and spice – the combinations of which were handed down from generation to generation as a way to prepare specific foods.

Today, herbs and spice are used in the same way – those special combinations instantly bringing you back to childhood in your mother’s kitchen. One whiff of dill and you’re instantly eating soup at your grandmother’s, one taste of curry and you’re whisked away to a special meal you once had on vacation. The combination of herbs and spice are a memory bank of our experiences and you can be sure that they will continue to be the stars in our cuisines of the future.

The use of herbs dates back to prehistoric times – much earlier than the benefits of spices were discovered. Used medicinally at first, natural herbs continue to be used to enhance a variety of cuisines and treat minor maladies as well as disease.

The word "spice" dates back to the end of the 12th century. Early Arab traders made vast fortunes trading spices to Europeans eager to experience these exotic flavors. America became involved in the spice trade in the 1800s and thus began our love affair with herbs and spice as delicious enhancements to our food.

Today, taste aside, the use of herbs and spice in our food allows us to eat much healthier. Herbs and spice can readily substitute for salt, preservatives, and a host of fatty ingredients typically used to add flavor. Instead, for those who want to focus on natural, whole foods as a part of their diet plan, the use of herbs and spice will give you all of the flavor without any of the guilt.

Research recipes that make use of the herbs and spice and you’ll soon be rewarded with a flavorful, healthier diet.

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