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Cooking copycat restaurant recipes is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite restaurant dishes at home and a good way to save a little money. But, surprisingly, it can also make your future trips to your favorite restaurant even more enjoyable. Let me explain.

I love to go to Romano's Macaroni Grill. From smell of the open fire grill as I walk in the front door to the music of the singing waiters as I take my seat, I love it all. Unfortunately for me, on my very first trip I tried the Pasta Milano and fell so deeply in love with it that I have not been able to order anything else. I try. It all looks so good. From the brick-oven-cooked Pizza Margherita and the Penne Rustica to the Seafood Linguine, from the Lobster Ravioli to the Boursin Filet I am dying to try it all.

And I have every intention to do so. I pour over the menu finally choosing Chicken Sorrentino or Twice Baked Lasagna with Meatballs. I can already taste it.

But as soon as the waiter asks -- Bam! I point to the Pasta Milano. Oh well, at least I do enjoy every trip.

But recently I discovered something that should make my next trip a surprise to my friends. Copycat restaurant recipes are popping up all over the web and some of them are very good. One of the first ones I looked for was, of course, Pasta Milano. I found a recipe and started making the dish at home for myself. It is just as good in my apartment as it is at Romano's (though I do miss the singing waiters).

Thanks to this copycat restaurant recipe my next trip to Romano's Macaroni Grill ought to follow a different script. I am now free to look over the delicious menu and order one of the other treats I have so often craved. I can hardly wait!

Should I get Chicken & Shrimp Scaloppine or Honey Balsamic Chicken or Sicilian Pizza...or...

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