Easy Appetizers: From The Simple To The Elaborate

Appetizers, also known by many names including hors d' oeuvres, fingers foods and starters continue to expand. Every culture and style of food has what we call easy appetizers, or food to help stimulate the palate before the main course of a meal begins.

At formal occasions such as weddings, dinner parties or luncheons quick appetizers or elaborate ones offered to quest prepares them for the main course to follow. In addition, hors d' oeuvres and finger foods also help to keep dinner guest entertained and even amused while waiting for the main course.

There's often nothing more embarrassing than hungry guest having to wait for the main course to come. Nothing fills the space between arrival and main course eating than having party appetizers for your guest to enjoy.

They can also help to relieve the hunger at long meetings or simple get-togethers where serving or leaving for a meal would be impractical. Finger foods often fit the bill where it would be inconvenient and/or costly to serve a full meal to the gathering of people.

Finger food as wells as hot or cold appetizers also serve an excellent purpose where guest drink alcohol, or where alcohol is available. Why? Because having appetizers for your guest to munch on has proven to help the body cut down on the absorption of any alcohol your guest might drink. That drunk feeling comes much easier on an empty stomach. Having appetizers available is a great gesture or service to guest anywhere there’s alcohol served.

They can range anywhere from soups, tiny sandwiches, bite-sized fruit squares, veggies and even drinks. The only limit now is a persons imagination. It's amazing how every culture and category of food has hot or cold appetizers. In fact, the world of appetizers is starting to out shine the main course in more dining situations. Why? Because more people seek lighter eating choices due to the growing problem of obesity and overweight in many countries, especially America.

A growing number of people find the light ingredients included in most appetizers appealing to their less is better style of eating.

A growing segment of "health conscious people continue to go toward the fat-free trend. That's why you should make it a point to include fat-free alternatives when offering appetizers to your guest. For example, they can include fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken appetizers, or turkey breast to name a few.

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