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Most Americans aren't gourmet cooks. In part it's because of packed schedules. Sometimes fast food is their only alternative in the midst of a busy day. Quick, healthy, inexpensive meals aren't easy to plan, that's the problem. People who have trouble with this, however, must not be paying much attention. A seven day menu isn't all that hard to plan for people who know where to look. Here are a few good dinner ideas for delicious meals the whole family can enjoy.

Fairs and street vendors often have corn dogs, an American favorite. While not a healthy food, it is a tasty one that is easy to prepare. The batter is flour, corn meal, salt, sugar and baking powder mixed with milk. Then coat the dogs and fry until golden brown. If you want the feel of the fair, insert a popsicle stick.

In colonial times, dinner was an afternoon meal, followed by a later light meal called supper. Social status and job type dictated changes in this over time. Physical laborers needed an afternoon dinner to keep up their strength throughout the grueling day. Dinner has changed to become the anchor meal for most families, and a transition between work and school and preparing for a night of sleep. Most people call the big meal either or both of supper or dinner. The evening meal doesn't have to be huge, though. Go the traditional dinner route with a light soup or roast chicken salad.

Try crock pot cooking. Set it up in the morning then enjoy a great meal at night. The crock pot can handle the entire meal. Try pot roast and potatoes. Serve it with a fresh baked loaf of bread picked up on the way home from the local supermarket. Or, skip the bread to avoid the extra calories.

It's not that hard to cook well, for example grilled steak and baked potatoes. For more dinner ideas, Google the term. The Internet has more than you can handle.

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