Tips for Meals Without Gluten

If you have recently been diagnosed with celiac condition and need:want to follow a gluten-free diet you may find the whole concept daunting. Don't worry you are not on your own, approximately 1 in 300 people are diagnosed as Celiacs in the western world and they manage to follow a gluten free diet day after day. To help you we have listed some of our top gluten-free tips to living life gluten-free and being healthy.

1. Join a coeliac support group: there is no need to learn everything for yourself and to take the gluten-free journey on your own. The Internet has made possible the development of on-line support groups for many food intolerances, where ideas and experiences can be shared amongst members. Many of the issues you will face will have been encountered and conquered by Celiacs who have gone before you. Join an online support group and read their advice, or post your questions and get knowledgeable answers and gluten-free tips from people who have been Celiacs for many years.

2. Take coeliac restaurant cards with you when going on holiday. One of the major problems you could face when on holiday is communicating with the waiter in their language and ensuring they understand your need for a gluten free diet. One of our top gluten-free tips is to take coeliac restaurant cards with you when you travel to a foreign country. These cards will contain a local language statement of what coeliac condition is, which foods you should avoid and what foods are ok. Giving a printed card to the waiter eliminates any translation problems and allows them to read your requirements before they take your order. Often you will find that they also ask to keep the card and take it into the chef so that they can ensure that your meal is prepared without gluten.

3. Buy yourself a bread machine. Our final gluten-free tip will enable you to eat warm gluten-free bread whenever you want. Buying a bread machine means that you can explore the many gluten-free bread recipes which are available and produce bread which delights your taste buds. The main problem with many shop purchased gluten-free breads is that they are dryer than gluten containing bread and have a different texture. Using a bread machine you have the ability to experiment and fine tune the output to meet your needs.

Maintaining a gluten free diet may seem to be quite a challenge initially but that is only in the first few weeks as you change to the new regime. In a short period of time, following good gluten free tips such as these, you will find that you enjoy eating, going out to restaurants and even visiting foreign countries whilst managing to maintain a gluten free diet.

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