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Ice machines are probably the best friend of everyone in summer. Who would not like to be pampered with ice cube filled lemonade especially in hot summer afternoon? So, what are you doing, waiting for summer or free availability of ice machines? This question is being asked because numerous persons are really hoping that they will get/purchase ice machines at right time.
Now, if you are thinking that the author is promoting the ice machine, may be of any specific brand. Well! Unfortunately, your guessing is wrong. Author is not promoting any particular product from any particular company. Actually, author is inspired to write this article after his short visit of JES Restaurant Equipment. It was bit different from normal short shopping trip. It proved a fantastic opportunity to explore different hidden aspect of ice machines and ice cubes.
1.Ice machine is an integral form of refrigerator. Normally a refrigerator forms an ice cube but in small size and amount. Especially in summer and on any auspicious occasion or party, that small amount does not prove sufficient. So, we need an ice machine.
2.There are different varieties of ice machines viz. air cooled and water cooled ice machine. Basically, air and water are two different mediums for dispersing of heat in ice machines. In practice, we experience that air cooled ice machines are noisier than water cooled. Moreover, it consumes more electricity.
3.For small office use and household, ideal width of ice machines has supposed to be 15-20 inch.
4.People prefer to have those ice machines which provide clear and hard ice cubes. Sleek and compact size of ice machines also comes first in their priorities.
5.If you are environment conscious person as everyone must be, you should look for CFC free R134A refrigerant.
6.NSF certification is an important thing for any ice machine. NSF is an independent organization. It is a non profit organization and checks the authenticity of quality claimed by manufacturers.
Besides above mentioned notes, there are lot more other things about ice machines which we should know. For instance, under counter ice makers are exceptionally good for small spacious home. Similarly, flake ice maker is a perfect choice for high quality ice blended cocktails, seafood, salad bars, and meat displays. Its special USP (unique selling point) is its use for therapeutic needs in different health care industry. Even, it cools faster and can be easily molded into any shape as per our convenience.
Thus, the bottom line which we much understand that Ice Maker Machines are an ergonomically developed standalone units. The core motive behind its development is to produce large quantities of ice. Its functionality was kept automatic just for convenience.

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