Casseroles Should Be Enjoyed Often

Casseroles get a bad rap these days. Children refuse to try them; spouses scowl at them, trying to identify the contents. These dishes are often stereotyped as frightful concoctions of tuna, peas, and any variety of cream soup found lurking in the back of the pantry-certainly nothing you would ever consider serving guests.

This is quite an unfair assumption. True, the humble casserole may not qualify as haute cuisine, but there are some wonderful recipes out there, and many are quite flexible if you like experimenting. Best of all-you get to use those luxurious casserole dishes long ago banished to the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet!

Cooks in possession of fine casseroles from their wedding day should be looking for any occasion to show off their exiled serving dishes, as well as the many interesting bowls and chafing dishes that hardly ever see the light of day. How many people wait for that illusive occasion that is "special" enough to bring out the fine table ware? Indeed, it is a crime to let lovely things sit idle. They should be brought out and enjoyed, not saved for high brow dinner parties or special celebrations.

Think of all the serving bowls you have on your shelves collecting dust! Challenge yourself to bring them out of the closet and find uses for them! Amaze your family or guests with a recipe elegant enough to be served in a silver lidded vegetable dish or a polished tureen. Anyone who loves to cook should relish the fun of presentation!

Fine China and good serving dishes were not made to hide in the cupboard. Such nice pieces look rich on any table and heighten anticipation for the meal to begin! Your family will appreciate the elevation of any meal to something special. And who knows-they might even grow to relish that dreaded tuna casserole!

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