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Cakes - A Scrumptious Gift
by Amrith K.a. A form of food made from flour and baked at very high temperatures to tickle your taste buds-that’s the cake for you. Ever wondered what birthdays would be like without the ceremonial cake cutting? Cakes may be prepared in different flavors thereby...
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The True Hystory of Tiramisu
by Anna Maria Volpi. Open an old Italian cookbook, browse through the index and? surprise! No Tiramisu?. My first encounter with Tiramisu? was in 1985. I was in Italy at that time: A friend of mine told me about this new recipe she got. She was so enthusiastic about it...
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by Clare Shipston. Serves approx 8This is a recipe I was taught many years ago by an Italian lady Olga who I was an au pair for. She taught me many wonderful recipes but this is everyone’s favourite,Tiramisu means 'Pick me up'150g golden caster sugar4 large free...
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Find Out Why And Try The Recipe
by Jean Morrison. Australians and New Zealanders maintain an ongoing "controversy" over who concocted the famous Pavlova. The Aussies lay claim to it but the Kiwis think very differently. Each claim it as one of their national dishes. Firstly, how do you pronounce the...
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