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I don't know about you but mothers day 2007 will be upon us shortly and I am still trying to come up with a unique mothers day gift idea. Mothers day 2005 I gave her a special day out at a beauty spar. She rally loved being pampered. Mothers day 2006 it was a homemade mothers day gift where we all contributed a home made item. My mother was so emotional when she opened each gift as they were all very personal and she still talks about them today.

So back to mothers day 2007, I have been looking into buying her a gourmet hamper. There are numerous companies across the world that specialize in luxury and gourmet food hampers. Some of these offer excellent cheese gift baskets which are ideal for mothers day gift. The choice of cheese is quite staggering and the baskets are even more appealing when they also come with tasty chutneys, relishes, savory biscuits and wine. Accessories such as cheese boards and knives are also available.

The West Country region of England is famous for its production of fine cheeses and cider products. Cheese gift baskets from the area include a soft blue cheese from a Devon Buffalo herd. This is highly prized as a food low in cholesterol and with extra calcium, compared with other cheese from cow's milk. Blue Stilton and Brie are other popular varieties with Stilton wafer biscuits.That would be perfect mothers day gift as she absolutely loves stilton cheese.

Brendon Blue is a full fat, soft blue made from goat's milk. There are other goat's milk cheese made with herbs and garlic.Raspberry and Redcurrant Cheese is an interesting alternative. In keeping with the cider tradition, there is delicious cider flavored chutney. Spiced plum chutney is also very tasty.

The Jersey Cow herd has long been considered the Rolls Royce of the cheese world and Whole Partridge Blue is a full fat soft cheese from Jersey milk. Somerset is another English county with a good reputation for cheese and the black waxed, mature cheddar is a great export. Cheese gift baskets often include something to wash the food down with such as red wine or vintage port.

There is also a product for beer lovers, including dark ale, old fashioned porter and best bitter. This also comes with real ale chutney and a beer tankard.I don't know whether my mother would appreciate that as a mothers day gift but my father certainly would. Some of the West Country baskets are wicker with a lining of red gingham.

Across the Atlantic, there are several American companies that offer Cheese gift baskets. Some of these offer regional varieties such as cheeses from Vermont and Virginia. There is goat's milk cheese with paprika from Indiana and another goat cheese from Texas wrapped in a hoja santa leaf. Canadian cow's milk cheese comes washed in New York State sparkling apple cider. French cheese is also available, from Alsace and washed in wine from the region. Other cheese is washed in Calvados. These products come with accompaniments like fruit nut crostini, plum butter, crackers and walnuts.

After this savory feast, it's time for dessert and what better than a slice of cheesecake. Some Cheese gift baskets offer a choice of cheesecake. A favorite is New York style with the best cream cheese, pecan shortbread and pecan and praline crunchy top.I am now spoilt for choice as to which mothers day cheese gift basket I give her.

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