Cheese Slicers Reviewed

If you prefer cheese sliced fresh off the block rather than prepackaged, it's a good guess that you have some kind of cheese slicer located in your cupboard. Although you can cut some harder cheeses very efficiently with a knife, by far, a cheese slicer will give you perfect portions every time. The slices themselves will also be beautifully uniform, and you'll have a much easier time slicing a large volume of cheese if you're giving a party, for example.

There are a number of cheese slicers on the store shelves today. Some are better than others and are used for different purposes. For example, some work best for use by individuals and in cooking, although most are suitable for entertaining. Parties are incomplete without a cheese platter, and the platter itself should have a cheese slicer on it.

Where Did the Cheese Slicer Come From?

A Norwegian carpenter by the name of Thor Bjorklund originally invented the cheese slicer in 1925. One day while lunching in his workshop, he was looking a way to cut a small slice off of a larger chunk of cheese. Because of this, he built the very first cheese slicer and patented it that same year. It began to be produced in large quantities in Norway in 1927. Since then, designs for the cheese slicer as different as each inventor have come out of Bjorklund's original slicer. Although cheese slicerse are probably most common in Europe, where cheese slicing is common, they have become popular all over the world as well.

Cheese Slicer Designs

There are many different styles of cheese slicers. They vary quite a bit in quality and price, and function in a variety of ways. If you're someone who slices a lot of cheese, it's best that you find a high-quality, functional design that will hold up to plenty of use. On the other hand, if you're likely to only use the cheese slicer for entertaining, many styles on the market are attractive and functional. Some are crafted out of wood or even marble and may come with attached trays to hold crackers or slices of bread to go with the cheese.

Cheese slicers can also make a wonderful gift for someone who needs one but "has everything." Throw in some delicious gourmet cheese and a jug of wine to complement your gift, and the person receiving your gift has a good head start on what he or she needs for an elegant party or cocktail gathering.

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