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Of all the different kinds of cheeses available today, perhaps none represents the needs of modern society as much as string cheese does. Taking advantage of the way some cheeses are structured, string cheese is molded, extruded, or braided into strings that can be individually wrapped for consumers.

The end result is that instead of having to cut your cheese for a snack, you need only open a small package. Because of this, string cheese makes a great, healthy snack for those on the go, from kids to adults.

Big on Health and Taste

Most string cheese in the United States is made from mozzarella, a fresh cheese traditionally made from buffalo's milk. Because of this, it is an extremely healthy snack food, containing a high percentage of the recommended amount of calcium for individuals. In addition, it is naturally low in calories, so for those who are trying to lose weight, it's a great snack to have without feeling guilty.

Despite the fact that it's a healthy food, string cheese is not overly bland like healthy foods often get portrayed as. Mozzarella has a mild flavor that's a hit with children and adults alike, having been popularized in other foods such as pizza and lasagna. Because of this, it's rare to find someone who doesn't like string cheese; it lacks appeal only to the most finicky of eaters.

Convenient Packaging

Because the shape of string cheese lends itself well to being wrapped individually, it's a common feature in the bags of people on the go, whether it's a student at school or an adult at work. The single-serving packaging of string cheese puts it on par with small bags of chips for convenience; just open the package and throw out the wrapper.

It has also found its way into many vending machines thanks to its small size, which makes it a great alternative to the other snacks available. Even if you buy it at the grocery store and take it home, the size makes it easy to slip into a purse or a book bag.

Two Warnings

There are a couple of things about string cheese that should be considered before consuming it. First, keep in mind that for those who need or want a low-sodium diet, you may be better off finding another snack. However, by soaking it in water prior to eating, you can reduce the salt content of the cheese.

The other thing to keep in mind is that while many snacks hold up well to being warmed up, only a few seconds in the microwave will change string cheese so that it does not pull apart as easily. Unless you want a pile of melted mozzarella, it's best to simply eat your string cheese as intended, and enjoy the convenience of this snack food.

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