Stop Eating Pizza, Fries and Chocolate

These are the first foods you are told to quit when you go on a diet. Yes they can be laden with calories and fat but do you really have to go without?

Before you make a decision ask yourself, can you live the rest of your life without them? Now you might be addicted to these foods, but will the occasional treat cause you any problems?

That will depend on your medical history, but for most people the odd treat will never hurt them. The secret is how much you eat and how often.

If you were to eat a 12" pizza then you would have eaten more than your daily calorie allowance. That is not to say how much fat you have consumed. Now it is time for that reality check. If you did eat this pizza how much exercise would be needed to work it off? The average person would need to walk briskly for 11 hours to work off those calories. Is it worth it? I think not.

But if you could have a healthy version, and only have a slice then that would be better. You can still enjoy that pizza taste without those extra calories.

What about fries? Cut down on the number of fries you eat and the number of times a week you also have them. Bake them in the oven rather than deep frying them.

Learn how to cook your favorite foods without making them full of fat, and loaded with calories. There are always ways to cut down on calories, you just need to look and see what you can do.

Use the oven more often instead of frying. Drain any food on a paper towel and let the excess fat drip onto that. Cut away the skin on chicken, and learn about nutrition.

And finally onto chocolate and the desire you have to eat chocolate. Many people love to eat chocolate. Instead of eating the vast quantities you have been enjoying cut down. If that is a problem, try eating a chocolate which has more than 70% cocoa in it. Most people can only eat a small amount of this type of chocolate.

There are ways in which you can improve your diet, without cutting out all the food you love. You need to see what you want more the pizza, fries and chocolate or the healthy body no longer suffering from so many medical problems.

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