Number of Lyrics in Album : 11
By Airbourne, Rollin' the dice Never thinkin' twice She took my breath away And now
By Airbourne, Walking through the city It's lonely heartbreak streets The wind gives a
By Airbourne, I had a dollar in my pocket And dirt on my
By Airbourne, Midnight bite at the Cherry So sweet is the juice I'm free
By Airbourne, In the smoke and the red Workin' the late night sweat You're
By Airbourne, She's so hot, She's so fine I thought it outa thousand
By Airbourne, Drivin' through hell just to get back home I can't find
By Airbourne, I've got the wind at my back and my foot
By Airbourne, Alright people welcome to the show Are you ready to rock
By Airbourne, Some people like to make all the rules And tell others
By Airbourne, Her daddy's knockin' at the bedroom door Cocked and loaded with