Number of Lyrics in Album : 14
By AFI, No haven now as I watch it pour from everywhere.
By AFI, Lean against the night and laugh As I try to
By AFI, Go Welcome the whole new pain And take comfort in All
By AFI, Let's admire the pattern forming. Murderous filigree. I'm caught in
By AFI, An invitation, excluding no one. So walk right in and
By AFI, Open my eyes as I submerge And I won't deny
By AFI, What went down on the side of the road? What
By AFI, to the wounded: i have seen the self image that they've
By AFI, I've been dreaming, I've been dreaming I was lucid. blood
By AFI, I know it’s Here we retreat, for where else could we
By AFI, Through our bleeding we are one. Through our bleeding we are
By AFI, Hung in your room, swaying, hope that only that you'll
By AFI, Now! Peel the skin back from the flesh. Steal the
By AFI, They're coming 'round again. I've returned and they've been waiting. Their aged