Song Titles
Angel of Sadness
By A Camp , An - Something's waching over me There's someone in my house that i
Angel(How Can I Go On)
By A Covenant of Thorns , An - If the rain should come pouring down on me I don't
By A Perfect Circle , An - From dehumanization To arms production For the benifit of the
Another Day, Another Plauge
By A Perfect Murder , An - Another Day, Another Plague I Still See The Same Old Shit Like
Annunciate While You Masticate
By A Static Lullaby , An - Move into the grave that bares your name My high is
Anchor End
By A Wilhelm Scream , An - The worst writers are the ones who fuck up happy
By A-Ha , An - Come back my darling one I'm calling on you The
And You Tell Me
By A-Ha , An - Please don't hurt me I have told you All my love is
Angel In The Snow
By A-Ha , An - Angel, angel or so Wherever you may go Hmmm, yeah…. I’ll follow And always
Another Earthquake
By Aaron Carter , An - Just when ya thought it was safe Shake Shake Shake When I hit
Angola Bound
By Aaron Neville , An - Too many mornin' gotta wake up soon Oh lord, and eat
And I Love You
By Aaron Tippin , An - That alarm sounds without warning I wake up and say good
Andante, Andante
By Abba , An - Abba - Andante, Andante Take it easy with me, please
By Abba , An - Abba - Angeleyes Keep thinking 'bout his angeleyes keep thinking Last
Another town, Another train
By Abba , An - Abba - Another town, Another train Day is dawning and I
An Odious Emanation
By Aborted , An - An anomalous host emerges From the breach in the collective conscious Spreading
Antichristian Codec
By Aborym , An - Instrumetnal
Another Successful Breakfast
By Abraham Cloud , An - another successful breakfast I wake up in a panic every morning,
By Abs , An - Send me an angel let her be Someone who loves me
Anders Johansson - If It's All I Ever Do
By Absolute Kidz , An - Oohh, my love The first time that you spoke my name It's
Andreas Da Man - Balla Da-Li
By Absolute Kidz , An - Balla da li di la Balla di la da li Balla
Andreas Johnson - A Little Bit Of Love
By Absolute Kidz , An - We've got to make a move Take a chance While the
Andreas Johnson - Sing For Me
By Absolute Kidz , An - Staring at a photograph Of where we used to be When the
By , An - Go go go go Go go go go I’m feeling hot today I’m
Anna Sahlene - This Woman
By Absolute Kidz , An - This morning she woke up and found All of the thousand