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Clean Lyric
Paragraph Lyric
alone with my enemy
and share a bitter cup
of poisoning
my countenance
to see his face in mine
and follow every line
back to my enemy

you are mine
pennyroyal wine fly
like an innocent child
that followed every line
back to my enemy

falling fast from a state of grace
and trusting there is a light
in darkest place
my dirty knees
hold the ground till it's done with me
i've come to see that beauty is a thing
that is without grace


at home with my history
and run the scarlet ink
with the tears of mercy
my battle wounds
lay to rest a treasure box
and thinkin of the scars
as the jewels of my story

Beautiful  alone with my enemy  and share a bitter cup  of poisoning  my countenance  to see his face in mine  and follow every line  back to my enemy    (chorus)  you are mine  pennyroyal wine fly  like an innocent child  that followed every line   back to my enemy    beautiful  falling fast from a state of grace  and trusting there is a light  in darkest place  my dirty knees  hold the ground till it's done with me  i've come to see that beauty is a thing  that is without grace    (chorus)    beautiful  at home with my history  and run the scarlet ink  with the tears of mercy  my battle wounds  lay to rest a treasure box  and thinkin of the scars  as the jewels of my story    (chorus)
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