Best Stocking Stuffers 2017

By: Alice Duong

Top 10 Best Stocking Stuffers 2017

Best Stocking Stuffers 2017 for each person in the family.
Hopefully this will save you time and the stress of searching endless ideas and recommendations. After all, Christmas shopping should be a fun, enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Best Stocking Stuffers 2017 For The Boys
Most boys will wish for toys and games from Santa in their stocking. I would leave the 'big' expensive remote controlled toys as the main gift. These are fun, cheap stocking stuffer gifts that will thrill your little one and put a smile on his face. 

  • 1) Small miniature toy cars or planes. 
  • 2) Make paper/wooden planes (Loved by kids)
  • 3) Yo-yos. 
  • 4) Magic cards.
  • 5) 3D puzzles.
  • 6) Gift certificate to their favorite store.
  • 7) The infamous Slingshot Flying Monkey.
    These are extremely fun and will keep them entertained for a long time. The slingshot is also available in other characters such as cow, frog, pig and chicken.
  • 8) Bath toys such as Animal Sponge Capsules and Gelli Baff will keep them entertained in the bath.
  • 9) Colorful pencils, erasers, glue sticks, chalk, rulers and stickers. These school supplies are likely in need of replenishment at the start of the new calendar year.
  • 10) Don't forget candies and chocolates. 

Best Stocking Stuffers 2017 for The Girls
Top 10 stocking stuffers for Girls.

  • 1) Jewelry. Items such as, hair clips, energy bead bracelet and other hair decorations will go down well.
  • 2) Girls tend to be more patient and creative and many love to paint, draw or make things. Hence, items like make your own jewelry, arts and crafts, putty are very well received.
  • 3) For the glamorous girl, tubes of flavored lip-gloss, glittery body gel and neon nail polish will put a sparkle in her eye.
  • 4) Leave the big toy items for the main gift but small accessories such as Barbie stickers, pens, notebooks make great stocking stuffers
  • 5) Colorful pencils, erasers, glue sticks and stickers. 
  • 6) Gift certificate to their favorite store. 
  • 7) Bath toys such as Animal Sponge Capsules and Gelli Baff
  • 8) Handbags or purses.
  • 9) Miniature cuddly soft toys and baby dolls.
  • 10) Throw in a few packets or bars candies, chocolates

Best Stocking Stuffers 2017 for Him
For the special person in your life, be a bit more lavish with your stocking gifts that are useful, practical and guaranteed to be appreciated. Here, you can mix and match a selection of cheaper stocking stuffers as well as one or two more expensive gifts that are on his Christmas list!

  • 1) iPhone 9 or a iphone Watch :-)
  • 2) i-Tunes gift certificates.
  • 3) Subscription to his favorite newspaper or magazine
  • 4) Gift certificate to his favorite store.
  • 5) Favorite CD/DVD
  • 6) Healthy munchies, raisins, dried fruit and granola bars.
  • 7) Accessories that comes as part of the main gift. Yes, this is boring but it is practical! For example, if an electronic gadget gift requires batteries, then rather than wrapping this up with the main gift, throw it in the stocking. 
  • 8) Fun and novelty gifts to make him laugh such as a shocking pen, slingshot toys.
  • 9) Car air freshener. This may sound boring but we all know that guys don't keep their cars as clean as the ladies!
  • 10) Golf balls (for golfer), running socks (for runner) or other sporting accessories. 

Best Stocking Stuffers 2017 for Women
It is without doubt that women like to be pampered. Careful selections of gifts that match her personality, interests and needs will go down well. My top 10 stocking stuffers for Women are:

  • 1) Gift certificate to a spa or saloon.
  • 2) Romantic and personal care gifts such as massage oil, organic soaps and bath salts.
  • 3) Scented stress balls to take away the stress of Christmas shopping!
  • 4) Mood glow candles. These are different and more interesting than traditional candles 
  • 5) Her favorite chocolate and candies. 
  • 6) Digital Photo keychain so that she can carry with her at all times her favorite photos of the kids.
  • 7) Theatre tickets.
  • 8) Small photograph to remind her of something memorable whether it's a holiday or an event.
  • 9) Dinner for 2 at her favorite restaurant.
  • 10) Favorite CD/DVD.

The list of Christmas stocking stuffers can be endless, but I hope there is something for you and your family in my Top 10 Best Stocking Stuffers 2017. Happy Stocking Stuffing!

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