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Straight or Mixed

Tequila is made in two forms, those light and gold, with the light tequila being clear and the gold having a distinct golden color and richer slightly smokey flavor. This liquor is either drank straight from a shot glass at room temperature, or used as an ingredient in a number of great tasting fruit drinks. The most popular of these drinks by far is a classic known as the Margarita.

Blended or Over Ice

The margarita is served over ice cubes or blended into a slushy drink in a blender, with the blended slushy style being the most preferred. It is made from either gold or clear tequila lime juice and a small dose of triple sec with a distinctive ring of salt around the edge of the glass.

The Sunrise

Still one more popular tequila cocktail is the tequila sunrise. This drink combines a shot of tequila, some orange juice, and grenadine syrup and is served in a tall glass of ice. It is its distinctive two tone look that is created by not mixing it after the red grenadine syrup has been added that is the source of its name.

Bottoms Up!

To drink tequila in the traditional fashion, first a lime must be cut into quarters. One of these lime quarters is then dusted with a sprinkling of salt and set aside on the table. A shot of preferably gold tequila is then tossed back and gulped down then the salted lime quarter quickly is munched as-is in the mouth.

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