Caffiene Headache

Caffeine & its sources:
Caffeine is form of plant alkaloid which is found in a wide variety of numerous plants most common of which are coffee, tea, and cocoa to some extent. Other plants such as the Yerba mate and the Guarana, which are used widely in the preparation of tea and energy drinks in the recent times also acts sources of caffeine though the percentage found in them are very small. Of all the sources mentioned above one of the most prominent is the coffee. The caffeine derived from the plant is present particularly in the seed of the coffee, which is commonly known as the coffee bean. The percentage of caffeine present in the coffee depends upon the variety of the breed of the plant. Although coffee is one of the most preferred beverages around the world, the history of the uses of this beverage goes back to thousand of years back when the Chinese people used them for its pharmacological values and its stimulant properties.

Headaches due to caffeine:
Naturally caffeine is a nervous stimulant. In plant like cocoa, coffee etc. caffeine acts as a form of pest controller which causes certain insects and small birds to collapse due to the effects of over stimulation. Caffiene which is also known as Guaranine or Mateine is also used as a psychoactive drug. The headaches which are related to caffeine may be the outcome of either a hyper consumption of caffeine or a total removal or withdrawal of caffeine. Peoples who consume caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks etc. on a regular basis may be prone to painful headaches on the removal of caffeine. The results of these headaches are the excess amount of blood which gets collected in the blood cavities in the regions near the brain or the sinus cavities. The main cause for this is the stimulation provided by caffeine in the absence of which the blood vessels shrink which restricts the flow of blood.

The Darker side of Caffeine:
Though Caffeine is used widely as a chemical in migraine medication in the recent times, it still has got a darker side also. The results obtained from researchers offer a varied answer to the question whether caffeine is a cause or a cure for the headaches as it has been observed that in some cases it triggers headaches while in some cases it acts as an aid for the same.

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