Tupperware Coffee Canisters

Tupperware coffee canisters were once a specific product known as Tupperware coffee keepers. These "keepers" had a unique seal on top that allowed you to dispense coffee by aligning the seal with the canister to form a dispenser hole at one corner.

Tupperware coffee keepers are no longer being sold by the company, although you can find them now and then on an Internet auction site or at a garage sale.

Tupperware coffee canisters now take the place of the coffee keepers. In fact, current Tupperware coffee canisters are not specifically for coffee. They are simply all-purpose canisters, several of which are a convenient size for storing coffee.

New Tupperware Coffee Canisters

As you look through a Tupperware catalog, you will find a number of options you can use for Tupperware coffee canisters. These four look good to me.

1. "Spring Daisy One Touch" 3 Pc. Canister Set: This bright, cheery set includes canisters that hold 5 cups, 8 cups, and 12 cups. Since coffee is usually purchased in 1 or 2 pound packages, the smallest of the three would make a perfect Tupperware coffee canister – with room to spare for your coffee scoop. The buttercup yellow top seals out air, keeping coffee fresh. The white canister, sprinkled with bold daisies in yellow, aqua, and rosy red, is sure to add flair to your countertop.

2. "Modular Mates" Round Containers: If you have less room on your cabinet top, or prefer a less colorful canister, you might choose one of the containers as a Tupperware coffee canister. Although only 3.5 inches in diameter, the third or fourth largest of these four airtight containers will hold a pound or two of coffee. The slim, tall containers are clear so you can see how much coffee you have. The air-tight seals come in red or blue to blend with your house décor. If you use all four together, you can also take advantage of the stack-ability of these canisters.

3. "Modular Mates Ovals": These canisters are another great solution to your search for Tupperware coffee canisters. Replacing the old silver and black canisters, as well as the old Tupperware coffee keeper, "Modular Mates Ovals" look like the canisters in #2 above, except that instead of being round, these are rounded rectangles. This set of 5 stackable canisters has several that would be great as Tupperware coffee canisters. Their sheer sides let you see easily when you need to purchase more coffee.

4. "One Touch Reminder" Canister Set: If you prefer canisters that are not sheer, but would still like to know when your supply of coffee is running low, this set of four white canisters is a good choice. Your Tupperware coffee canister will be chic in clean white, but a small front window at the base of the canister will let you know when to put coffee on the shopping list. This canister set also features "One Touch" seals that are said to go on and off with the lightest touch, while still sealing airtight and virtually liquid tight. The solid white canisters are topped with your choice of red or blue seals.

The Best Tupperware Coffee Canisters

In reality, the best Tupperware coffee canisters are those you choose to make into coffee canisters. At the end of the day, a coffee canister is simply a canister in which one stores coffee. So pick the Tupperware canister that appeals most to you, and make it into a Tupperware coffee canister by filling it with coffee.

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