Coffee - An extremely popular beverage

Coffee has become an extremely popular beverage in all its different forms and is today considered to be the most widely consumed drink in the world.
Do you like coffee? What do you know about coffee? The coffee tastes is the admirable flavor drinks, as known there are different flavor that can be added to your coffee to experience ordinary flavor. Some of the flavor comprises of coffee are vanilla, coffee chocolate, macadamia, etc. The coffee is in fact savored by the combination of some flavorings substances following to the roasting. Should keep the coffee safe in a tight container and it is better to keep them in a freezer to protect from the heat of the sunlight.

Whether your preferred cup of tea is actually an espresso, latte, cappuccino, filter, mocha or even instant coffee, it should be noted that these drinks are all derived from the little coffee bean. The cup of coffee has received a great deal of fame and publicity over the years and has starred in many movies, plays and books. Coffee has been adapted into several different variations and concoctions over time and has been known to accompany visitors to so many different types of places in various countries, such as from a train to a shopping center, football match or museum.

Read on for some interesting details and various trivia regarding this popular beverage.

It may be hard to comprehend, but it takes between four to five thousand coffee beans in order to produce one kilo of roasted coffee.

What is commonly referred to, in different places around the globe, as a coffee bean is actually a berry.

The plants, upon which the coffee berries are grown, are evergreen.

If you have ever wondered who drinks the most coffee, the countries of America, France and Germany maintain this claim to fame. The amount of coffee that is drunk in these three nations totals 65% of the whole world's coffee consumption.

There are studies that suggest that the caffeine present in coffee can help to relieve headaches. It is also implied that when a standard painkiller is taken in addition to drinking a cup of coffee, this can offer quicker relief.

In Italy, the majority of coffee drunk is consumed as espresso, while in the United States most people prefer their coffee served with milk, such as latte or cappuccino.

The majority of the world's coffee supply is grown in South America.

For all those sweet toothed coffee drinkers, white sugar is preferable to brown sugar in your cup of coffee as it dissolves easier. It should also be noted that sweeteners appear to change the taste of the coffee.

Believe it or not, caffeine appears on a list issued by the International Olympic Committee regarding substances that are prohibited for participating athletes. The level of caffeine which would bring about an Olympic ban involves drinking approximately five cups of coffee.

Coffee was known as Arabian wine when it was first introduced to Europe.

The caffeine that is present in coffee can act as a stimulant that has the ability to increase alertness and concentration levels. A cup of strong coffee can combat symptoms of tiredness and delay the strong desire to sleep.

It is interesting to note that with over 4 billion cups of coffee being drunk every year around the world, coffee, after oil, is the second largest traded commodity in the world.

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