Coffee: The High Point Of Civilization?

Coffee. Some call it the high point of civilization. Most people call it the high point of their day. How you take your coffee says a lot about you as a person, and choosing a good blend can be tricky. Some people are more resistant to caffeine, and might need a serious kick in the coffee cup every morning to get them going. Here are a few of the most popular blends, and how to choose between them.

Wiener - Known collectively as the anytime coffee, these smooth blends are the perfect combination of taste, aroma and strength if you drink coffee throughout the day and don't want something too weak or too strong. Use one normal sized scoop for a medium bodied cup of coffee, with just enough caffeine to keep you going without putting you on a buzz. Described as a medium to dark roast, wiener melange contains hints of wood, earth and fruit to keep the palate interested.

Italian - While many coffees describe themselves as Italian, traditional Italian coffees are made from the most potent beans, roasted almost to the point of being burnt. The result is a very strong, full bodied coffee with an aroma of fresh beans and charred wood. The flavor is intense, so this is more of a morning coffee (if you like a kick start) or as an evening coffee to be used in making Irish coffees. Italian blended and roasted coffees also make excellent espresso.

Blue Mountain - A light to medium roast coffee, Blue Mountain has faint fruit and mulberry flavors and a whole host of complex aromas. This coffee is perfect for drinking any time as it is relatively light. It has the benefit of being a satisfying coffee for anyone to drink, while at the same time offering amazing taste sensations to a connoisseur.

Mocha Java - Mocha Java comes in many different variants, and not all of them are original. Well known for its distinctive chocolate taste and rich smooth texture, this coffee is perfect for evenings, adding to hot chocolate or making Irish coffees. Beware of imitations which can often be regular coffee beans coated in a synthetic chocolate flavorant - gross!

One last thing to know about coffee is this: do not drink instant coffee. It is disgusting. If you think instant coffee is decent coffee, ask yourself this: if someone offered you powdered beer, would you drink it and still say it was beer?

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