Exploring The Flavour Of Irish Coffee

Irish coffee adds a little twist on the drink. Many people will think of coffee as being strong and either black or with a touch of cream and sugar, however, the Irish know how to party. When you hear the word Irish, always imagine liquor, and in this case, you would be correct. When it comes to Irish coffee, you talking about a streaming mug of coffee and mixing it with cream, sugar, and Irish whiskey. It makes a delicious hot toddy.

An Irish chef named Joseph Sheridan is believed to of invented the Irish coffee. As head chef at an incredibly admired restaurant (Foynes) the Irish coffee was given to travellers to warm up in the early twentieth century. There has been a variety of twists to the Irish coffee; however, most are still made from whiskey.

When it comes to American Irish coffee, you are likely to add a splash of Bourbon whiskey to the coffee, but many will also use Jack Daniels (an American whiskey). However, there are also several companies that make Irish cream to be place into coffee. All that’s needed is to add a drop of the drink into black coffee, and then toast away.

An easy and cheap way to make an Irish coffee is by using Bailey’s Irish Cream. Although Bailey’s is not that cheap, it can be compared cheaper to most whiskeys. It is also not considered to be that strong, so if you’re not that good at handling your whiskey, than you could use Baileys for your coffee to appreciate a smoother taste.

If you interested in preparing your own Irish coffee, then you need to start out with some black coffee. The moment that you add the milk, it will curdle from the whiskey. Once you have made your coffee, add some whiskey and a little sugar to taste. The sugar will keep the cream from melting into the drink. Then splodge some whipped cream and you will have an Irish coffee.

Irish coffee is served in many pubs all across the world. You will discover that you can get an Irish coffee in most bars now because of the Baileys version of this delightful drink. Bailey’s has made make Irish cream main stream and relatively inexpensive. You will notice that this version does not have a taste like whiskey, but it’s rather restrained and does not have the proof of whiskey. If you would like an Irish coffee, you ought to specify that you would prefer the whiskey or Bailey’s version. There is a major difference.

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