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The way you store your coffee grinds and beans is an important part of maintaining fresh flavor. Properly stored coffee makes a world of difference in how the coffee will taste. This article will guide you and offer tips on how to properly store your coffee grinds and beans to keep your coffee as fresh as possible. There are different ways to store coffee. Roasted whole bean coffee must be stored in complete darkness and in an airtight container. Using plastic or metal containers may possibly alter the taste of the coffee. Therefore, using a ceramic or glass container is the best option. Roasted coffee beans are sensitive to light and oxygen. For the best airtight concealment of roasted beans, make sure the container is filled to the top in order to keep the air inside the container to a minimum. When stored in an airtight and completely dark container, roasted coffee beans will last an average of one to two weeks.

Ground coffee will not last nearly as long as roasted whole bean coffee. Coffee that is already ground will last no longer than a few days. However, much like roasted whole bean coffee, ground coffee is also sensitive to light and air. Ground coffee must also be kept in an airtight and light-free environment. Because ground coffee lasts for only a couple of days, many coffee experts suggest grinding your coffee beans immediately before brewing the coffee.

There are some myths and "Old Wives tales" about coffee storage that are actually harmful to coffee. Freezing coffee is never a good idea. Water molecules adhere to the packaging, coffee grinds, and beans very easily. Ice then forms around the coffee grinds and beans after the water molecules have adhered to the coffee. Roasted whole bean coffee is especially sensitive to freezing because they are porous. When the ice melts, water will corrode the fresh taste and quality of the coffee. Is the refrigerator a better storage area? No! The refrigerator will produce water inside the packaging, corroding and taking away the quality of the coffee. Keeping coffee fresh is an easy thing to do if the coffee grinds or beans avoid the following: water, oxygen, light and heat.

For the best and freshest pot of coffee, grind the coffee beans immediately before brewing the coffee and only brew what you intend to drink. Because roasted whole bean coffee will last for only one to two weeks, only purchase what you can drink within two weeks. Properly storing coffee will help maintain the natural and fresh quality of the beans. By following a few simple rules, the perfect cup of gourmet coffee is never beyond your reach. Although it is very easy to toss a bag of coffee in the refrigerator or even the freezer, doing so will surely ruin the taste, quality and freshness of the next pot. Properly storing coffee will keep each cup like it is the first cup.

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