Hot Coffee And Its Proper Preparation

Coffee is a well known drink which is highly preferred beverage that many people love. Everywhere you go it does not matter which city it is, coffee is widely drunk by so many people. It definitely has become a social symbol for all age groups and due to this it has developed into many different flavors, forms and presentations so much that you could not believe it is indeed coffee. Though the modern iced coffee drinks or blended drinks have been introduced, Hot drink is still more popular. In spite of the numerous adaptations and flavors that have come up not too long ago, black hot coffee (with or without cream or milk) is still one of the greatest beverages all over the world.

How To Prepare Hot Coffee

How About The Temperature

The right temperature is required if you want to fully appreciate the palatable taste. You might risk of scalding your tongue if the water used to brew or mix the coffee is too hot, and you drink it immediately. What you have to do is wait for hot coffee to cool a little, this can be tricky because it may cool too much and therefore decrease its taste. If you let it stand in an open container for over 30 minutes the flavor deteriorates and in the end it gives you a bitter taste.

For extracting the correct flavor from the beans, the right temperature is at around 195 degrees or just off the boil. After the water has reached a rolling boil, you take it off the heat and wait for 2 minutes, that is off the boil. Do not rush when drinking hot coffee, you don't want to burn yourself.

What is the ideal serving temperature for coffee? 165 - 175 degrees is the right temperature. If you stand the coffee for too long the flavor of the coffee won't keep. Don't just leave it while you stand the coffee. Be in mind cups cool faster than brewing coffee in a carafe or an air pot.

For most coffee lovers, they do not drink coffee in the morning only, but at any time after their meals or during their breaks. Some serious drinker even have hot coffee or cold coffee at night.

Hot coffee can be a gentle stimulant for some drinkers and become necessary for many other coffee lovers.

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