Make Better Coffee Using Bottle Spring Water

Those coffee buffs that believe coffee should taste absolutely pure, with nothing in it that could possibly pollute, might decide that making it out of pure bottled spring water is the only way to go.

Experts on making coffee would no doubt agree with them. All the additives - both natural and man-made - that are found in our drinking water have an effect, however slight, on the taste of the coffee that we drink. Chlorine is the single biggest taste factor that alters the flavour of tap water. In some places the problem is so bad that the residents cannot drink their water straight from the tap, but must either buy bottled water to drink, or add filters to their kitchen taps.

Filters will take out most of the pollutants, but there are usually still some like minerals that escape. In fact, experts tell us that these minerals are actually good for our health. That might be true, but that doesn’t alter the fact that their presence alters the taste of our coffee. And since we are sure to drink this mineral-laden water at other times throughout the day, it won’t hurt to use something else like bottled spring water to make our coffee.

Bottled spring water is not only great for the taste of the coffee, but using it will extend the life of the coffee machine. Everyone has seen the lime scale that builds up on their new electric kettles when they boil water in them. The same thing will happen to your coffee percolator and over time will ruin the filter and other parts. It is not easy to clean this scale off; you have to buy a special product from the store to do it properly.

It doesn’t cost all that much, but a dollar is better in your pocket than someone else’s. And you have to consider the time spent in doing it. Once a month is what the makers of percolators usually recommend for this extra cleansing. But if you use bottled spring water for both making the coffee and rinsing it out after washing, then you’ll save this expense and time. Those who have hard water in their area are especially advised to clean their coffee percolators regularly as the mineral deposits are twice as bad. And they will need to use the special cleanser at double strength.

Once you have that percolator brilliantly clean you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the heavenly taste of perfect coffee - made with bottled spring water.

To make bottled water more attractive to your toddler, you can add food colouring so it is her favourite colour. Stickers of her favourite people or animals on the bottle will also make it an attraction. In this way you will be encouraging your toddler to drink all the fluid she needs to keep her healthy.

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