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There are so very many different types of espresso machine on the world-wide market, with many having such a wide range of features, that it is no wonder that finding just the right espresso machine for your business needs can be a greatly perplexing task. But once you get to understand the basics, and the main differences between the various models, you will find that getting the best machine for you is much more straightforward than you might otherwise think.

First of all, it is important that you know exactly what an espresso machine does: once you understand this, many of the extra features that come with some machines will not seem so strange! Espresso machines are fitted with a metal filter container that is filled with ground coffee; this is tamped down to compact the coffee grounds, and the metal filter is locked in place in the machine. Water is then pumped through the coffee grounds in the filter, and this produces an espresso. Cappuccinos, lattes and other variations of coffee can also be made by adding various amounts of frothed milk to the basic espresso- espresso machines come with a steam wand and milk frother for this purpose.

Some of the differences you will find between machines include the number of steam wands (some have more than one so that you can steam milk for more than one cup at once), the number of ‘heads’ (the more heads a machine has, the more cups of coffee can be produced at one time), and the inclusion of extras such as cup-warming plates and drip trays.

So keep the basics in mind, research the range of machines out there and make sure you know exactly what kind of machine you can afford for your budget- then get ready to serve your espresso! Happy shopping!

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