Alternate Uses for Your Keurig Coffee Maker

As anyone who’s used a Keurig coffee machine can attest, the single cup brewer is the embodiment of kitchen convenience. Keurig coffee makers can brew a cup of hot, delicious coffee or tea in less than a minute - with no fuss and no mess.

With its sleek looks and compact size, the Keurig coffee maker is designed to be your constant countertop companion. Just fill the water reservoir and turn the machine on. The Keurig coffee maker heats up in minutes and then stays on so it’s ready to brew at a moment’s notice.

Did you know that Keurig coffee makers can bring convenience to a number of other culinary endeavors? Here are a few coffee-free serving suggestions you may not have considered:

Breakfast Made Simple

The next time you rise and shine, don’t just turn to your Keurig brewer for a fresh cup of coffee, use it to make breakfast. To make a hot bowl of oatmeal in less than 60 seconds, follow these simple steps:
1.Pour your favorite instant oatmeal mix into a bowl and place it under the Keurig brewer.
2.Run a brewing cycle without a K Cup in the brewing chamber so that the machine dispenses plain, hot water.
3.Stir your oatmeal until it cools slightly, then enjoy your breakfast.

Lunch on the Go

Need a lunch that’s as quick and easy as it is delicious and satisfying? Use your Keurig coffee maker to heat up a tasty cup of soup. Just follow the steps outlined above, substituting the oatmeal for your favorite brand of instant soup.

Sweet Treats

The Keurig coffee maker is fantastic at brewing fresh coffee and tea, but did you know that the machine is also great for making hot cocoa? Ghirardelli now offers Premium Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa mix for use with the Keurig brewer. Each packet is precisely portioned so you get a perfect cup of cocoa every time.

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