Choosing International Coffee Varieties

Coffee beans are available from different countries from all around the world. What's more every country produces different coffee, it's wonderful to taste them all!

Colombian coffee is world famous. The La Esperanza is grown at around 6,000 feet and the taste shows that the extra effort was worth it! It has a lovely smell and has hints of a chocolate taste and a little tobacco! I have brewed Colombian coffee in all of the coffeemakers that I have owned.

Colombia is the world's second largest coffee producer and so they have many more types to offer. A Supremo blend can make an interesting drink. You need to drink this hot otherwise the tastes will be lost.

If you visit Hawaii then you will find a selection of different coffee tastes. You can purchase medium and dark roast coffee. Dark roasted coffee has a less acidic taste, and the medium has a slightly more acidic taste. The Hawaiian espresso roast is the favorite among coffee experts.

Now onto Africa, the Tanzanian pea berry is grown on Mount Kilimanjaro. These pea berries have quite a distinctive shape which makes one oval bean. This produces a coffee which has a more acidic taste and a lighter body.

The legendary home of coffee is Ethiopia, and they are proud with that claim! There is an amazing brew in the Yirgacheffe region, it combines orange peel, ginger and lemon into a tart chocolaty coffee drink.

Travelling to India you will find the Monsoon Malabar. This is produced as a result of three months of wet windy weather. This makes a yellow bean which is quite puffy. These actually taste a little like apricot. You should also check out the Jumboors, these make quite a sweet brew which is unforgettable.

Indonesian coffee isn't for everyone, but in Sumatra they grow a wonderful coffee. This coffee is lightly roasted and is fairly sweet. This is a little like a jasmine taste which is very nice!

You should also remember the northern areas which produce dark roast coffee which is quite spicy. These produce flavors similar to grapefruit and cedar.

Hopping over to Vietnam and you will find the Robusta coffee plant. This coffee is processed in a very specific way to produce a lovely cup of coffee which can stand up against the better known Arabica bean.

On the way back home you should stop off in Jamaica, this is an often forgotten source of coffee. The Jamaican pea berry similar to its African cousins produces a single bean. However the taste is very different. It produces a full bodied cup which is fairly sweet.

So there you go, you can travel to loads of countries all around the world and sample some of the best tastes coffee has to offer! I bet you never knew that coffee was so interesting!

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