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Most people fail to calculate the amount of fat and calories found in many drinks featured at a coffee shop. They may be packing on the pounds without realizing that their morning double latte is what is causing most of it. They may be paying attention to the foods they eat but many drinks you can get from a coffee shop will have plenty of calories in them.

You don't have to give up going to the coffee shop though in order to get control of the situation. Many of the coffee shops out there understand that people want delicious drinks that won't have so many calories associated with them. Many of them offer low fat and low calorie options.

You may find that going back to regular coffee is a good option. You can use low fat creamer and sugar substitutes if you don't enjoy drinking it black. Many of us like to try out the many items that the coffee shop offers though. As a result we have gotten away from the basics of regular coffee. It may be time to try it out again.

This doesn't mean you can't enjoy some delicious tasting coffee while you are dieting though. You can still order something that is a specialty roast or that is a blend of flavors you really enjoy. You may even be able to enjoy an espresso now and them which is a type of really strong coffee. Just don't order one every day or it will start to show in your waistline.

Avoid the little additions at a coffee shop that add a large amount of carbs and fat though. For example you don't want to add a couple of shots of flavored syrups. Even a couple of ounces of them can double the calories in a drink from a coffee shop. Try out some new options so you can find what tastes good to you. While you may miss some of your old favorites, you will likely come across some new ones.

Of course the amount of times you place an order at the coffee shop matters too. If you drop in before work, on your morning and afternoon break, and at lunch you may need to cut back. While the coffee shop owner will really like it, you may find it isn't the healthiest of choices for you.

If you think it is unrealistic to expect you to cut back on the number of cups of coffee you get each day, try another approach. Purchase a cup each time that is one size smaller than what you normally. Do at the end of the day it could add up to a full cup less. Some people don't think they get their money's worth this way but you will just have to get past that mind set.

The staff at most coffee shops will be very happy to assist you with low fat and low calorie options. They may be clearly marked on the menu or they can help you come up with something that works well for you. During a slower period of their day, tell them what your concerns are. Chances are they can offer you some really good ideas so you won't feel deprived when you come in for coffee.

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