Vacuum Coffee Machines

Let me guess, the reason that you click is because it sounds so ridiculous! How in the world can vacuum coffee machines save me any money, but you decided to check it anyhow, let me assured that you would not be disappointed.

Here is how it works, the savings would come from choosing the vacuum coffee machine over another model and yet getting the same value add.

First, think through why would anyone wants to get a coffee maker.

The first reason would be to make a good cuppa for yourself. The second reason would be to use it to entertain friends and relatives. And to fulfilled this 2 criteria, the coffee brewed must be good and it must be fast, some added bonus would be to entertain the guest as well.

Making a good cup of coffee, is very subjective, anything can be a good cup of coffee, even Nescafe instant coffee can be good, so why should I depend on vacuum coffee machines?

Let's go through the reasoning:

1. Instant coffee is very low cost, they are great except that it would not make you such a good host serving the "cheap format" coffee. So, usually it is for own consumption, never used to serve guests.

2. The cheaper drip coffee makers, they are great except that their capability is limited when it comes to serving more and when overloaded, it produces inconsistent brew and at times bitter brew.

3. The bigger and more functional espresso machines, produces great brew, and also gives a variety of brew. However, usually very expensive, price range from $300 and above.

4. Single serve coffee maker is relatively expensive, does not do well for mass production (the commercial type are even more expensive), so it is not a choice for a party or gathering.

Now, let's see what vacuum coffee machines have:

1. Based on vacuum principle, the coffee is infused, so the brew is smooth and aromatic.

2. There is absolutely no sediments left over (unlike the drip coffee makers), due to its top infusion technology.

3. vacuum has almost no heat transfer with outside environment, giving it a consistent temperature for optimum brew

4. It is easy to use, with models like Bodum 3000, it is just about switching on the power similar to a Bunn coffee maker.

5. It has the capacity to make coffee for up to 12 cups, enough for a small party and it also can brew singles.
So, based on the above, whether it is for self consumption or small gatherings, vacuum coffee machines seems to be able to meet the mark. But, so does espresso coffee machine, why do any vacuum brew?

The most important thing in a gathering is to keep the guests entertained, and tamping, frothing cappuccinos usually can do the trick. But, what is the cost, last check, a worthy espresso machines cost anything from $300 onwards. Not a very prudent buy for a once-in-while gathering.

How about vacuum coffee machines? With the vacuum brew that looks like a chemistry lesson, your guests would be intrigued and you do not need to huff or puff to do any tamping or worry that the steam wand does not do the froth well. The vacuum coffee maker does all the work to entertain your guest and the cost is approximately $100.

All things being equal, assuming that you want a good brew, one with the flexibility of single or multiple brew and one that can entertain your guest. You would either get an espresso machine or vacuum coffee machine. The former would set you back by $300 while the latter cost you about $100.

There you have it, vacuum coffee machines would save you about $200, and gives you most of the functions that espresso machine has. So, unless you are into cappuccinos, vacuum coffee maker is a good buy for own or mass consumption!

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