Detoxification With Coffee Enema

From the many types of natural remedies for toxin accumulation at the colon level and in the tissues, coffee enema is considered to have a great positive effect for the body. Though the most commonly used are enemas with saline solution, coffee is gaining popularity; the difference between the two lies in the muscular relaxation properties that caffeine has and the stimulation of the blood vessel dilatation it triggers locally. However, we should not jump at judging the effects of coffee enema being similar to that of coffee drinking; since the caffeine is absorbed much more quickly through the veins at the anus level.

The coffee enzymes introduced in the body via a coffee enema are transported by the blood directly to the liver where they trigger a dilation of the bile ducts and speed up the elimination of the toxins in the digestive tract. With the evacuation of the substances in the colon, the bile and the toxins leave the body, and an increased health status is resumed. Don't worry about the roasting level of the coffee you use for the enema, this is not important; the only thing that matters is that the coffee enema be performed using sterile equipment available in most drug stores together with distilled water.

Don't use too much coffee, a balanced composition is necessary for the best of results, this means that eight cups of boiling water for eight spoonfuls of coffee are enough. Let the composition cool until it reaches body temperature; only then it is suitable to use the coffee enema. The larger coffee grounds will be deposited on the bottom of the vessel, make sure you don't stir them when you pour the liquid in the enema bag. Though it may seem common sense that no other substances should be present in the coffee – like vanilla used for flavor – we still have to stress out the importance of treatment purity.

Specialists label coffee enema as completely safe to be used at home, unless the overall health condition prevents it. Don't worry about the possibility to develop a bowel dysfunction, as there is no such risk connect with the procedure; the bowel movement will continue working well for a few days after the coffee enema in the case of people who suffer from constipation. The sure way to preserve a good colon health status is by eating an adequate amount of fibers and drinking plenty of liquids.

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