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Coffee can be tasted and enjoyed in so many different varieties and ways. There is a plethora of recipes that every coffee lover must try. Below are some of the ones to sample.

Although, unusual, definitely worth it. The first recipe involves baking a coconut at 300 degree Fahrenheit for thirty minutes. Then after it is removed and cooled down, the shell can be broken open and the flesh grated. Then the flesh and milk of the coconut should be combed with about half a cup of regular milk. Then this is all put into a pan and heated until it is thick. The mixture should then be strained. This mixture is then put into a cup of coffee and sipped.

Then there is the mocha, but this one is Mexican is style. It involves a teaspoon of chocolate syrup combined with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Then this is poured into a cup of coffee with sugar added to taste. Whipping cream is the perfect completion to this beverage. Then there is something called the Cubano which is enjoyed straight and shot like tequila. The Americano, which is espresso and hot water, can be diluted using rum or hot milk. However, no more than bout a tablespoon of milk should be added, otherwise the American is ruined.

For a holiday treat, try the Grog. This is when an orange is peeled and then divided into slices. Then the same is done to a lemon. Then a peel about the same size of one orange slice is placed in the bottom of a cup. A little butter, brown sugar, and ground clove should be mixed together with some nutmeg and cinnamon. This is all combined with about half a cup of coffee with some heavy cream to taste.

The Viennese is dark chocolate melted with one tablespoon of light cream. Then about half a cup of coffee is slowly added and whipped until frothy. Once it has settled, then it is sprinkled with cocoa and cinnamon. It should be tasted with the pinky raised in traditional aristocrat style.

The Turkish style is the most simple. The coffee is boiled with the water and not strained. A cup of water is poured into a pot and brought to a boil with about half a teaspoon of sugar. Once it has been removed from the heat then about a teaspoon of coffee is added and should be stirred to remove some of the heat. After a layer of foam appears the coffee should be allowed to settle and cool. Then it can be enjoyed.

Vietnamese coffee is one of the most popular iced coffee beverages. The coffee should be put through a coffee press and then about a tablespoon of condensed milk added into cup at the bottom. Then the boiling water is poured over the press and let to drip. It is all then stirred, cooled down with ice and enjoyed. All of this involves some work on the coffee lover's part unless they want an invaluable experience and wish to travel the world to get their coffee.

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