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In this present forecast of our 'Coffee in the Office' string we take a appear at the Flavia filter-pack drinks machine.

The Flavia range of drinks machines work in an unusual and ingenious manner to stand for a wide variety of top superior delicious drinks to the end user. After the drink option has been made the appropriate drink foil pack is inserted to the machine, a cup is placed underneath and a button is pressed. Hot water is then forced to the foil pack to release the comprehensive flavour of the drink as it is dispensed into the cup.

Each drink is individually made and there is no cross contamination of flavours between different drink types. The machine has very low maintenance and can be plumbed in or just topped up through newly constructed water as required. Since no cup is dispensed the user has the choice to use their own cup or use branded Flavia waxed paper cups that can be with by your supplier up with sugar sticks, stirrers, cup holders etc if required.

The Flavia machine is top used in a struggle environment as the components are selected from a score case and there is no security. It is also best used in a low volume office type locations where drink choice and quality is paramount rather as opposed to serving a large number of people.

The main advantage of this type of machine is the sheer quality of the drinks produced and the incredible opportunity of drinks available. A huge number of fresh ground coffees are offered of many types of coffee beans and roasts, fresh leaf teas, specialty drinks, specialty teas, chocolates and even fruit infusions and green teas. Note however that the drinks are usually purchased from the supplier in tendencies of 80 so in truth most offices will desire to limit the range of drinks offered although they can of course order different offerings each time properties order.

Although the cost of the machine is fairly low when put against to other types of drinks dispensing machine (allowing the probability of multiple machine sites) the particular drink prices is quite high and can prove prohibitive.

The Flavia option is not the solution for astronomical volume sites, sites requiring security of ingredients nor for those requiring a coin controlled system.

However in the right environment the Flavia drinks system can be the perfect high superiority secret for satisfying discerning drinkers at all times of the day.

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