How To Brew Great Coffee

If you think it's hard to brew great coffee, think again. The main factor in the taste of coffee is actually whether it is fresh or stale. Coffee beans will go stale quickly and ground coffee even more so, so only buy what you will use in a week. Keep it in an airtight canister away from heat, light, water and oxygen.

After that, first grind your beans. Don't grind a whole lot at once; only what you are going to use right now. Bring clean, cold water almost to the boil and filter it through the ground coffee. The ratio must be right for a good brew. Use 2 tablespoons of coffee to 6oz of water and take 4-5 minutes for the filtering process. Pour into a mug and add sugar and cream if you wish. Enjoy!

Whether your coffee is bitter or not depends on how coarse it is ground and how long the water is in contact with it for. Longer contact with the water when using an automatic coffee maker at home will only extract bitterness. The freshly brewed coffee should be poured immediately into mug or air-pot. Leaving it on the hotplate is another cause of bitterness.

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