How To Buy Single Cup Coffee Makers

Single cup coffee makers are getting ever more popular in our fast paced society. However, one may ask how to buy the right high quality coffee brewing machine. This article will share a group of tips that will generously help you pick that expensive coffee maker out the right way.

1. Make sure the quality is right. Don't settle for a cheap coffee pot. Single cup coffee makers should be stainless steel and not contain much plastic. The all plastic ones, tend to breakdown much easier and last less than their stainless steel counter parts.

2. A good one should have a 48 oz. water reservoir or more. Part of the beauty of one cup coffee makers is that they contain a water reservoir that you can fill up once every couple days. If the model you're looking at doesn't then walk away. The water reservoir makes it easier to brew your coffee instantly and within a few short minutes. A really good model will have up to a 90 ounce storage tank.

3. Air tight coffee cups. Many of these types of coffee brewing systems come with coffee pods that can be inserted into the machine. This makes it easy to brew your coffee, as you simply insert the coffee pod and get ready for work, groom, clean etc. When you come back in a few minutes the coffee is hot and brewed. Be sure that the coffee pods are air tight and allow no air in. Air getting into the coffee pod will of course, cause stale coffee. Stale coffee can be a coffee lovers' worst nightmare.

4. A good warranty. Make sure your single cup coffee makers warranty is top notch. I suggest 3 years or more for a standard warranty on any coffee brewing system. These types of coffee makers are not cheap; make sure you get your moneys worth and has a nice warranty to come along with it.

5. Make sure it's name brand. Buy only a name you recognize. The larger companies in this field have a distinct advantage, as they should. If it's a trusted name you'll be sure that if anything goes wrong, you'll be taken care of.

Follow the above tips and you'll find a fantastic deal on your next single cup coffee maker purchase. Great deals not only exist in stores but, online as well. Search around and reviews these tips before you make your final purchase. When this type of system costs $99 or more you'll want to make sure it's top notch and still a good bargain. Ignoring these tips can only lead to your heart being broken by that seemingly perfect single cup coffee maker.

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