How To Make An Espresso?

Coffee drinks are the taste of many tongues. Indeed coffee lovers need coffee anywhere and everywhereâ€" whether at home or at work or for that matter when out for shopping. And espresso is among the best flavors of coffees. The credit for their popularity goes much to their easy availability. Yes, the cup of espresso is easy-to-make (via espresso machine) and too-delicious-to-drink. You can have your favorite sip at a local coffee house. But if you want a unique flavor, make it yourself. So, wanna learn how to make an espresso? It is too simple, just read on to learn!

Literally "espresso" is an extraction of coffee with high pressure from a special espresso machine. You might need some special instructions if your type of espresso machine is different from the other types of machines. But, the basics of making an espresso coffee are indeed the same.

Some foolproof instructions to go about

First of all, get a good quality espresso machine. In case, you are a "real" coffee lover, look for the best espresso machine available in the market. One feature to get in a quality espresso machine is to be sure that it has built-in grinder. I presume you know that the finest grind of beans is the key to make a good coffee.

Take cold and clear water and pour it in your machine’s water chamber. You should make it sure that the boiler cap is secure. Give one shot of espresso that is a propos one ounce. To give a double shot, you should give two ounces. In few machines you can also give as much as four shots in one go.

Then, place the basket of coffee in filter holder. You can place a little pack in ground coffee. The filter has a measure for the amount of espresso you are preparing.

Brush off the grounds if any on the top or sides of the filter. Place the filter holder inside the espresso machine.

Keep the present glass carafe of your machine under the spout. You should then turn on the machine. The espresso machine will make the water warm to a proper temperature. Force the water up to the coffee grounds. You can use a cup, if the machine you have doesn’t have a carafe.

The brewing of your espresso should take just 15 or 20 seconds. As the coffee starts flowing in the cup, the foam starts forming on the top. The foam has a brown color and is known as Crema. As the foam takes an almost white color, your best tasting liquid is not flowing any longer. It is time to stop now. Remove the cup immediately. Your hot cup of espresso coffee is now in your hands.

A few tips to get the best results

Select and roast the beans particularly for espresso. The beans are available on most of the coffee specialty shops or grocery stores.

To get the best espresso, better buy an espresso grinder. When grinding the beans for espresso, make it sure your grinding machine is efficient enough to give a fine grind.

Use filtered water or bottled spring water. Do not use your tap water if it is hard.

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