How to make cappuccino

Consider this the basic in the how to make cappuccino series. This article would highlight the steps to make cappuccino like the baristas you see in Starbucks and most coffee shops...

Before moving on to the 3 simple steps to make the cappuccino, do you know what is cappuccino? The key to understanding this, would be invaluable to learn how to make it. Knowing the components of a cappuccino enables you to visualize the procedures later.

Cappuccino is actually an espresso filled with 2 types of heated milk, i.e the steamed milk and the frothed milk. And, it is the frothed milk that gives cappuccino that classic look and it is also the "so difficult " frothing that lead world coffee bodies in using the froth to evaluate the skills of baristas.

The proportion of cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 heated milk and 1/3 frothed milk. We would not touch on espresso in this article, as it warrants one entire article on how to get a good espresso, here we would highlight the other 2 components, the steamed and frothed milk, to better your learning in how to make cappuccino.

You would get steamed milk when the heat source (usually the steam wand) is injected into the milk, slightly below boiling point. As the injection of hot air is controlled to a minimal, there would not be any change in the milk volume except for a small amount of micro bubbles or froth.

To get more bubbles, i.e. to get frothed milk, place the steam wand at the surface of the milk, and this would creates more of the micro bubbles, remove the steam wand, when the froth has the look and feel of whipped cream.

Now, let's learn how to make cappuccino in 3 simple steps:

i. when using an espresso machine, while waiting for the espresso to brew, steam and froth the milk in a frothing pitcher. Once done, set it aside for approximately 30 seconds.

This is to allow the milk densities to separate. To speed up the process, you can try what Starbucks or most coffee shops' baristas are doing -by knocking the frothing pitcher on the table, this would separate the steam from the froth milk.

ii. Then, take a large spoon to keep the milk foam as you pour out the steam milk. As you pour the steam milk into a mug, do it slowly to prevent breaking the froth, and stop when you reaches 1/3 of the mug.

With the 1/3 steam milk done, spooned up the froth milk and put it on top of the steamed milk, this foamed milk should take up another 1/3 of the mug.

iii. For the last 1/3 of the mug, pour in the espresso down the middle of this foamy sculpture. And there you have it, a foamy cappuccino!

Not that complicated right? No need to ask how to make cappuccino like that Starbucks baristas anymore right? You can do it with 3 simple steps!:)

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