Iced Coffees - Relief from Summer Heat

Is iced coffee different from regular hot coffee? Many people think iced coffee is merely a hot cup of joe poured over ice. This, however, is a popular misconception. Iced coffee is different on many levels, beginning first with the brewing process.

Iced coffees are brewed cold. After the coffee beans have been ground, the grinds are soaked in ice cold water. After several hours, the mixture of cold water and coffee grinds is filtered leaving a concentration of cold coffee grinds. Depending on your personal preference, this concentrate is then diluted with either milk or water.

Iced coffee, also known as "Toddy Coffee", was created by Todd Simpson, hence "Toddy Coffee". In 1964, he patented a coffee machine exclusively for making cold coffee. However, a lot has happened in 30 years and now you can use other types of coffee machines for brewing and making iced coffees rather than using a Toddy brewing machine.

Iced coffee has become a popular drink millions of people around the world enjoy. It is refreshing, smooth, cold and very satisfying. Their are a variety of ways of preparing your iced coffee. Many people prefer a simple glass of iced coffee with crushed or cubed ice, cream and sugar. Others like their iced coffee topped with one or two scoops of coffee flavored ice cream. Some even like their drinks blended with the ice cream topped with whipped cream making their iced coffee smoother and creamier.

For the most part, iced coffee drinks are most popular during the summer time. This cool and refreshing drink relieves the summer time heat and is sure to satisfy the taste buds.

One advantage to making iced coffee is that you can make it at home, rather than spend your hard earned money on a simple drink. The key ingredients to making a iced coffee drink at home are crushed or cubed ice, cream, sugar, coffee mix, milk and cold water. Other ingredients can be added to make a gourmet iced coffee drink. These ingredients include: caramel or chocolate sauce; vanillla, cinnamon or even cardamom powder; ice cream and whipped cream. One disadvantage to making iced coffee is that when crushed or cubed ice is added to the coffee much of the coffee taste, flavor and caffeine are diluted, which is why many coffee experts suggest using dark roast coffee beans. Using a dark roast helps maintain the strength and robust flavor of the coffee.

With the crazy number of health concerns today, why not drink iced coffee instead of those high calorie and high sugar colas and soft drinks. So, instead of grabbing that ice cold soft drink, grab yourself an easy to make iced coffee. Or, better yet, make yourself an iced coffee with honey, iced Jamaican coffee, iced Amaretto coffee, or even an ice coffee soda! All these recipes are easy to find and even easier to make. But, if you love your colas and soft drink but love your coffee at the same time, go for a Coffee Coke Float mixing together ice cream, coffee and cola!

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