Make Delicious Mixed Coffee Drinks

It is a misconception that true coffee lover only drink their coffee straight. Coffee lovers enjoy a little bit of variation in their drinks every now and them. There are 101 ways to change up your favorite drink. Why be limited to the same old thing? Try a few different coffee drinks.

The variety is endless. There are plenty of ways to blend and enhance your coffee experience. There is an Indonesian blend that has a mixture of Sumatran and Papua New Guinea beans that have a wonderful, strong taste.

Do not be afraid to mix Sumatra with other blends. A 50/50 blend of Colombian Patron with Sumatran has a smoky, dark roast taste to can be brewed to an exquisite level.

Adding in some flavoring can also turn coffee into a different type of experience. Vanilla, almond and cherry can spice up a Brazilian coffee. These flavors will lighten up the acid in these brews. A Tahitian vanilla latte is a wonderful example of international coffee mixing at its best.

Mochas are a great choice. The mixtures of chocolates that can be used with the a number of different coffee beans is extraordinary. A Yemeni mixed with a bit of dark chocolate, that is stirred well will bring a foreign blend to life. If you are looking for a lighter taste, put some Ghirardelli milk chocolate in an American roast.

There are many different variations for coffee. Add in liqueurs and liquor to spice up things. By finding the right blend of roasted coffee beans and flavorings to add, you can create a dream coffee.

A full bodied Jamaican will start you off with a strong base. You will be able add fruits, desserts and brown sugar to this type of blend. Create a sobering and intoxicating drink all at once.

Coffee and cocoa are a classic. Take some cold or hot Mexican coffee and cocoa beans and mix them for a great winter warm up drink. Go for the cold version in the summer time.

The makers of coffee confections are always looking for ways to take the drink to another level. The braver members of the pack have begun to make frozen cappuccino that will bring the dead out of their slumber. Spike the drink with a hint of mint.

Choosing decaf is a mystery to most but some people do not need the caffeine. For those that like the taste of coffee, there are many choices. Italian Espresso, Dutchman and Decaf Marrakesh can all be great choices for decaf drinkers.

While nuttiness is generally a bad thing when it comes to a coffee bean, the Macadamia is an exception. Have it with chocolate or raspberry. Be daring and add some coconut or wait until you are used to the taste of the coffee.

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