Make The Most Of Your Coffee Pot

The humble coffeepot may be one of the most familiar items in every coffee-drinking household around the world. It is practically anywhere people drink coffee. Coffee pots may differ in shapes, sizes, materials, and treatments. From ancient campfires and hearths to the modern kitchen and breakfast nook, coffeepots are one of the more prominent figures.

As a Wedding Gift

Like the blender and the bread toasters, coffeepots are among the more popular items in a bridal registry. From the delicate china and glass to the stainless steel and brass variety, coffeepots are among those that do not fail to attract a couple's wish list. Wedding guests who want to make their gifts unique sometimes opt for the metal variety of coffee pots, because these pots can have an engraving and may last for decades without losing its functionality.

As Decoration

Over time, coffeepots were transformed into wonderful pieces of artwork. Shapes and sizes varies, some of which are clearly meant not only for practical use due to the more delicate treatment but as conversation pieces. The elegant design of many coffee pots, whether done on purpose or not, could add grace to any kitchen and complement match every conceivable design and kitchen motif.

Its ease of use, practicality and popularity gave way to another form of coffee pot.

Press-Style Coffee Pots

Another form of the coffee pot though was introduced in the middle of the 19th century, the coffee press pot. The coffee pot's progression into a press coffee pot came even after the vacuum brewer was already a popular coffee-brewing machine.

Contrary to what many people think and even with the popularity of different coffee machines and coffee makers, the coffee press pot, when used with a little preparation, can deliver the richest coffee ever produced. With proper preparation you may also have a very clean brew.

While an exceptional brew will always depend on the kind and quality of beans, the roasting process used, and the water, the one thing that you should never do when preparing coffee is to skimp on the grinder. That factor is vital with any other coffee-making machine as well. For the press pot, the grinding type is even more vital.

The common opinion is that modern electronic coffee making machines can produce higher quality coffee. It isn't true. When one uses a low-quality grinder that produces low-quality grounds, the most expensive coffee maker or coffee brewer can't produce a perfect cup of coffee. Hence the better grinder you have, the higher the quality of coffee that you can brew because it will allow you to extract the best possible flavor from your coffee beans.

To make good coffee with the coffee pot press, coffee grounds must be of uniform size. No cheap grinder can do that. Try it for yourself. What a coffee press pot needs is uniformly large grounds. Tiny grounds will make it hard for you to use the coffee press pot, as the press filter will clog. Mixed large and tiny grounds will clog the press filter as well. The coarseness of the grind is important.

The type of filter will also play a very important role in producing a fresh, clean brew. Metal and paper filters will not manage the finer grinds that nylon filters do.

To get the best out of the coffee press pot may require a little more preparation but the coffee press pot can serve a rich, clean, high quality coffee than is delivered by its more modern counterparts.

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