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If you're like most of us, you have developed a slight addiction to those delicious little drinks that we know as "gourmet coffees". No one has contributed more to our addiction to great coffee than the folks at Starbucks.

It's difficult to go anywhere and not see a Starbucks coffee shop, but despite their convenient locations, we don't always have the time to stand in line and wait for a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. Today you don't have to own a Starbucks franchise to have one of the best espresso machines around. The Sirena Starbucks espresso machine isn't cheap - but for the convenience of having your very own high-quality espresso machine, $400 might be a small price to pay. Considering the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you will be able to save at least $2.5 per cup when you make it at home. So, if you drink just one espresso every day, the Sirena Starbucks espresso machine will pay for itself in less than half a year.

Other than the Starbucks brand name, what makes this particular Starbucks espresso machine such a good buy?

Convenience: Save time and money by brewing your own espresso right from home.
Looks: The stunning looks alone may be a good enough reason for owning this machine.
Professional Design: The Starbucks Sirena comes with many of the same features that you would find on an in-store espresso machine, including a Rapid Steam Boiler, a high-quality portafilter, and a back-pressure adapter that can adjust automatically to the grind of whatever coffee you use.
Programmable Settings: This espresso machine is as smart as it is convenient. The Sirena will actually remember the amount of coffee in a shot and dispense that amount next time until you change that.
Versatility: The Sirena can use coffee pods or coffee grinds, and the included steam wand allows you to froth milk for lattes or cappuccinos.

For the price though, the Starbucks Sirena espresso maker is not without issues.

Frothing milk: The steam wand on this machine works rather erratically and a lot of users have real troubles producing a good froth.
Water in the portafilter: If the back-pressure adapter becomes clogged with a large coffee grind, the pressure will build and water will shoot out from the sides, and fill the portafilter with water. This often makes a mess, as the espresso that's left behind tends to drip down after brewing is complete.
Reliability: A number of owners have encountered problems with the reliability of the machine. The frothing system seems particularly prone to failure. In addition, if anything goes wrong and the machine needs to be sent for repair, it is the user who pays the shipping costs.
The price: There are other espresso machines that will do close to the same job at a considerably cheaper price.

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